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Is Your Blood Pressure Normal?

Did you know that even mild elevation of BP doubles your risk for heart disease?

High blood pressure is a big risk factor for heart disease, stroke, kidney failure, blindness, and even dementia.

Heart Disease remains the number one killer in America.

You should certainly know more about your own BP.

The American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology along with many other organizations just released the 2017 Guidelines for High Blood Pressure.

5 steps to improve your BP

What are your BP numbers? Get it checked today.

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  • Normal. A top number less than 120 and a bottom number less than 80.
    • Elevated.
     A top number between 120 and 129, and a bottom number less than 80.
    • Stage 1.
     A top number between 130 and 139, or a bottom number between 80 and 89.
    • Stage 2. 
    A top number of 140 or higher, or a bottom number of 90 or higher.
    • Hypertensive Crisis.
     A top number over 180 or a bottom number over 120. GET HELP RIGHT AWAY

When was the last time you had your BP checked?

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The best gift you can give and receive is good health.