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HepCheck on May 19th

Are you infected? According to the American Gastroenterology Association, 50 percent of Americans with chronic Hepatitis C Virus ( HCV), HepC, are unaware of their infection status and far fewer have received curative antiviral therapy. The CDC...

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Dialysis: A Preventable Rx

Q1: is #hemodialysis HD better than PD? Outcomes and experience Q2: is home dialysis ready and available to be standard of care? Q3: Why is @DaVita able to collect 1000% or more of #Medicare rate from employer sponsored health plans? I asked...

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Remember Polio?

Remember polio wards and iron lungs? Me neither! #ThanksVaccine #ThanksScience Learn more about vaccine preventable diseases and cancers here at: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/index.html Image: National Museum of American History

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