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What if we had a THINK team?

The THINK Team We have all heard of the old wise saying stating “life is short”, however, most of us never really take into consideration what this really means. As a 15 year old Native girl I recently learned that my life expectancy could be 4.4 years less than that of the average Caucasian...

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HepCheck on May 19th

Are you infected? According to the American Gastroenterology Association, 50 percent of Americans with chronic Hepatitis C Virus ( HCV), HepC, are unaware of their infection status and far fewer have received curative antiviral therapy. The CDC recommends checking for Hepatitis C Virus HCV for...

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Dialysis: A Preventable Rx

Q1: is #hemodialysis HD better than PD? Outcomes and experience Q2: is home dialysis ready and available to be standard of care? Q3: Why is @DaVita able to collect 1000% or more of #Medicare rate from employer sponsored health plans? I asked these questions to some experts @justkidneying...

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World Asthma Day

Today we celebrate #WorldAsthmaDay at Pequot Health Care and at the Mashantucket Pequot Tribal Nation. Asthma costs the U.S economy more than $80 billion every year in missed school, work days, medical expenses & deaths. Not all #Asthma patients are the same. Call 1-888-779-6638 if you are...

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